Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report

On 8 June 2021, the Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral formally adopted the 2020 Annual Report. The report gives insights into the events, activities, initiatives and ministries conducted by the Cathedral during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. Colleagues, ministries, and volunteers of the Cathedral have each contributed reflections on the past year. It is available to read online here. Copies of the audited accounts can be obtained from the Cathedral Administrator on request.

A copy of the Annual Report can be downloaded here:

Cathedral Act, Chapter Vision and Strategic Plan

St Paul’s Cathedral is governed by the Cathedral Chapter, whose composition, powers and responsibilities are defined in the Cathedral Act 2016 (Melbourne).

The Chapter has a five-year Vision and Strategic Plan (2020-2025) which gives shape to its planning for the mission and ministry of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Together with the Cathedral Chapter, the St Paul’s ministry team has created the COVID-19: Worship and Ministry Charter to shape the direction of its ministry once the COVID-19 pandemic has abated.

Liturgical Resources

Liturgical resources approved for use in the Diocese of Melbourne , prepared by the Diocesean Liturgical Committee, and authorised for use by the Archbishop of Melbourne

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Christian Initiation

Pastoral Services

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