Our Vision

Our vision is for St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne to be a place of transformation for our City and Diocese where all people can come to experience and know God’s love in Christ Jesus.

Our Vision flows from the Cathedral’s position at the heart of our City and Diocese: our witness as an iconic symbol of faith for the people of Melbourne, and the home church of our Diocese.

A detailed copy of our Strategic Plan can be found in our Annual Report

Our Ten Mission Commitments

We fulfil our vision by our commitment to being and becoming a place of

  • Prayer that speaks of the presence of God in the heart of our state capital
  • Welcome that actively reaches out to the peoples of our City
  • Evangelisation that makes and equips new generations of Christians
  • Belonging that is a home for the people of our Diocese and City
  • Advocacy that promotes initiatives to fight poverty and injustice in our City
  • Education that encourages public conversations about Christ
  • Innovation that effectively communicates the Good News using the opportunities offered by new media
  • Excellence that stimulates growth in our Diocese
  • Imagination and Beauty that works closely with the creative arts in our City
  • Sustainable Living that increases renewable energies and models practices that safeguard God’s good creation.