Bible Study

Bible studies are a great way to learn about the Christian faith, to grow and live as a Christian, and to share our faith.

Our weekly Bible Study Group meets after the Sunday 10.00am Choral Eucharist. Studies also occasionally meet via Zoom at different times.

All are welcome to join the studies, no prior knowledge is required. If you own a Bible we encourage you to bring that with you – other materials are provided below and in hard copy on the day.

New Series • Bible Overview

The Bible Overview Guidebook by Matthias Media

Have you ever tried putting together a jigsaw puzzle without a picture of what it is meant to look like when it is all assembled? It is nearly impossible to fit the pieces together properly unless you know what you are aiming for.

Beginning on 31st July 2022 we are having a eight-week Bible Study after the 10.00 am Service to enable you to have an overview of the Bible to enable you to grasp the Bible as a whole and make easy the different parts that had been so confusing or difficult to understand.

The Studies are designed like a guided tour that provides you with the map, explains the route, and points out the landmarks and signposts along the way so that you can be confident that you know the terrain as you travel through the Bible. It will also help you to fit into their place the pieces of the bible jigsaw puzzle that have thus baffled you.

All are invited to join this Study. A guidebook will be provided at the cost of only $10.

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