Stories Under the Windows

Stained glass windows were originally incorporated into gothic churches to convey Bible stories in a colourful visual form at a time when not everyone in a population could read, nor had access to a bible of their own.

Today, the windows in St Paul’s Cathedral provide an opportunity for people who have little or no knowledge of the biblical narrative to engage with Bible stories with a storyteller.

A team of volunteer window storytellers spend time in the Cathedral each week to meet visitors who may be exploring the building, but by virtue of being in a Christian meeting place, are open to hearing a story of Jesus depicted in a window. Most of the visitors are not Christians, but many are eager to explore how the story they have heard connects with them. Each window story introduces the listener to Jesus, and acts as a window into knowing God.

The Widow of Nain

The Calming of the Storm

The Last Supper

Women at the Tomb

Seven Stories of Hope

Try using these questions with each story

  • What do you like in this story? Why?
  • What questions might someone have about this story?
  • What do you learn about people from this story?
  • What do you learn about God or Jesus from this story?
  • How would you want to change because of this story?
  • Who could you share this story with?

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