St Paul’s Cathedral is a magnificent venue for your wedding, located in the very heart of Melbourne. We are delighted that you are thinking of getting married here, and encourage you to make contact with our Cathedral staff to plan your marriage at St Paul’s.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the home church for Anglicans in Melbourne and Victoria. Although you do not need to be an Anglican to be married here, marriages celebrated at St Paul’s follow the liturgy of the Anglican Church of Australia, which provides both for traditional language and modern language wedding services.

Our Cathedral staff will be able to advise you on getting married at St Paul’s, giving you full details of wedding preparation and the ceremony itself. They will discuss costs, as well as options for choral and organ music during the service, bell-ringing before and after the ceremony, or wedding floral arrangements, with you.

For more information and make an inquiry please contact or 9653 4210.

Photo credit: Jennica Kelada and Marc Oreto

ⓘ In line with current lockdown in Victoria, the Cathedral is closed. Worship continues online. Read More