Cathedral values Royal Commission Report

A statement made by the Dean of Melbourne, the Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe, on the Third Sunday of Advent 2017:

The Season of Advent brings into focus the call to repent and turn to Christ, as we prepare for the festival of his coming into the world as a vulnerable child, born of Mary, and expect his coming again to be our own judge.

In the past week, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse presented its final report. More than 8,000 private sessions conducted by the commissioners enabled survivors of abuse to come forward and tell their story. We pay tribute to their courage, and repent for the times when we failed to hear their stories and prevent past abuse.

We thank the commissioners for their meticulous examination, and lament the part our own church played in turning a blind eye to abuse and failing to safeguard young and vulnerable people. We give thanks that for more than a decade the Anglican Church has worked assiduously to make our churches safe places for all, including providing legal frameworks to facilitate mandatory reporting of abuse, and training of staff and volunteers.

More than 2,500 cases examined by the Royal Commission have been passed on to the authorities, including the police. Working for justice is an important part of the message of Advent: as we await the return of Christ our Judge, we also need to ensure that wherever we are able we help to right past wrongs.

At our General Synod, and again in our own Synod, we set up the mechanism for joining a national redress scheme. Financial recompense can never undo the wrongs of the past, but it acknowledges the real cost of suffering and pain, and can help to contribute to the slow journey to healing and reconciliation which we now must begin.

The future safeguarding of our children and vulnerable people rests with all of us – I am delighted that the majority of our almost 300 volunteers and staff have now completed child safe training, and obtained and provided Working with Children’s Checks. I want to thank you for your diligence.

Many of you commented to me how much you benefited from the resources and training you received: together we can ensure that we can be vigilant and alert and ensure that we remain a safe and welcoming community for all.

In this final week of Advent, I pray that we each will be given grace and courage to share in the call to make our church, and the communities of which we are a part, places where the truth is told without fear and justice flourish, where repentance is offered and reconciliation may be sought.


Remembrance Sunday: Plan your journey

On 12 November, at 9am and 10.30am, we will be holding our Act of Remembrance to recall those who gave their lives in war and conflict, and to pray for peace. Dean Andreas will be reflecting on the Centenary of the Battle of Beersheba, led by former Lay Canon of the Cathedral, General Sir Harry Chauvel.

Road closures will be in place to enable the City to Sea run. Flinders Street will be closed until 9.45am. Please plan your journey. A full list of road closures can be found here. We recommend travelling by public transport or parking in Russell Street.

From Old Cathedral to ‘New’: Canon Williams

The Revd Matthew Williams, Vicar of St James’ Old Cathedral Melbourne, has been elected a Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral by the members of the second session of the 52nd Synod of the Diocese of Melbourne last week. He succeeds retiring senior Canon, the Revd Dr Ray Cleary AM.

Matt said: ‘I am honoured to have been elected a Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne, and thank everyone for their trust’. He added: ‘I look forward very much to working with Dean Andreas Loewe, Precentor Heather Patacca, and the rest of the staff and Chapter’.

Dean of Melbourne, the Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe, said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Matt to the Chapter of St Paul’s. His election brings a new dimension to the longstanding historic links between Melbourne’s ‘old’ and ‘new’ Cathedrals. My predecessor, the first Dean was incumbent of St James and built St Paul’s. It’s a great joy to welcome his successor at St James’ to Chapter’.

Matt will be installed to the Chapter stall of St David on 5 December at 5.10pm.



The Compleat Anglican

With apologies to Isaac Walton author of The Compleat Angler (1653)

On Sundays 5, 12 and 19 November at 4pm, the Revd Canon Jim Brady will present a series of talks on the three traditions to be found within Anglicanism and how the compleat Anglican may draw profitably on all three.

  1. The Evangelical Tradition
  2. The Catholic Tradition
  3. The Liberal Tradition

Each session will be held in the Canons’ Vestry, Education and Ministry Centre at St Paul’s Cathedral, and will be followed by light refreshments, finishing in time for Evensong at 6pm.

All are welcome! Enquiries to




Sunday 15 October – no access to Cathedral carpark

The Melbourne Marathon will be run on the morning on Sunday 15 October, and we understand that Flinders Street will be closed between Swanston Street and Russell Street until the early afternoon. This means there will be no access to the Cathedral carpark for those attending morning services. We encourage attendees to either use public transport, or access the Wilson’s carpark via Flinders Lane.

Please click here for the full map of road closures, so see if your route will be otherwise affected.


Prayer Masterclass – POSTPONED

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Brian Heasley is unable to be with us for next Wednesday’s workshop. The workshop has been postponed to March 2018, and we will advertise the new date and time early in the new year.

Alpha Australia will be in contact with those who have already booked, to arrange refunds.


Deans discuss Cathedral Ministry among Children, advocate adoption of national Child Safe Standards

Cathedrals across Australia are growing, Australian Anglican Deans report, but need to focus their mission activities to reach children and young people. Twenty Cathedral Deans from across Australia met at the recently-refurbished St Paul’s Cathedral in Bendigo, Victoria, at the invitation of Dean John Roundhill. In their discussions on mission and evangelism among children and young people they were joined by the Revd John Deane, executive director of the Anglican Board of Mission.

Many of the Cathedrals across Australia report growth in congregational attendance countering a nation-wide trend, in which the number of Australians identifying as Anglicans has plummeted. The Dean of Melbourne, the Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe, said: ‘Cathedrals in Australia are growing in spite of nationwide trends. Here in Melbourne we have experienced a 30% growth in congregational attendance over the past five years. Our Cathedrals are places that naturally draw people in, to begin conversations about faith and discipleship’. Dean Loewe reflected: ‘At St Paul’s many of our worshippers first came through our doors as visitors. Our intentional program of making visitors welcome, and explaining our faith through the beauty of our building, provides the first invitation to come and find out more about Jesus Christ, and what it means to follow him’.

Some Cathedrals have extensive ministries to children and young people. The Dean of Geraldton, the Very Revd Peter Grice, reported: ‘Our priority has been to invest in ministry among young people: our youth and families’ minister works across our congregations, links up with state schools and now our local Anglican Grammar School’. Dean Grice added: ‘Particularly in rural areas we have natural contacts and opportunities for mission with our local community through our families’. St James’ Cathedral Townsville has reshaped its worship program to place children front and centre, Dean Rod MacDonald told the conference: ‘We are passionate about ministry with children. We have a crèche, as well as special area set aside for younger children and their parents. Every third Sunday we hold a special children’s worship as our principal service’. Dean MacDonald encouraged Deans to take their children’s worship outside their buildings: ‘Last month, we went further: we took our Cathedral down to the beach and worshipped there. One of the children said to me afterwards: “This was the best service ever”.’

The Australian Deans welcomed Dean Matthias Der from St John’s Cathedral Hong Kong to their conference. St John’s has a structured families’ program that reaches some 150 young people each Sunday. Dean Der explained: ‘We have a structured children’s program that reaches toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary school children and a junior church for children aged between 8-12. Our programs are delivered in English and Chinese and centre on teaching children and young people about the Bible, our worship, and Christian living’. Asked about the reason for the strong attendance, Dean Der said: ‘We intentionally resource a group of volunteers to run our program and to support parents in nurturing children in their own homes in their faith journey’.

The Australian Deans affirmed that in order for children’s ministry to flourish, strict safeguarding procedures would need to be adopted across Australia. Some Cathedrals have employed safeguarding officers to ensure compliance. The Deans were encouraged that General Synod will be considering adopting nationwide child-safe standards, compliance and professional standards protocols. Dean-elect of Newcastle, the Revd Canon Katherine Bowyer, said: ‘It is so important that Cathedrals and parish churches are safe places for vulnerable people and children. But we not only need to be safe places but need to be seen to be safe places by the wider community’. Canon Bowyer said: ‘We call all Anglicans and especially our General Synod to express clearly that we have heard and learnt from survivors, their families, and the Royal Commission. We are serious about child safety’.

The conference brought together Deans from across Australia: 20 of 23 Deans were able to be present. Senior Dean, the Very Revd Dr Peter Catt, said: ‘The Deans’ Conference is a rich, life-giving and collaborative experience. We enjoy a deep commonality in the midst of our theological diversity. The level of support and encouragement that we experience at the conferences means that attendance is always high. This year we enjoyed the presence of two women Deans and a woman Dean-elect for the first time in the history of the Australian church’. Deans next meet at St Andrew’s Cathedral Sydney, at the invitation of Dean Kanishka Raffel, from 2-7 August 2018.


Prayer Masterclass

On Wednesday August 23 at 3pm, Brian Heasley, international prayer director of 24/7 Prayer (an Alpha initiative) and a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ team, will be leading a prayer masterclass at St Paul’s Cathedral, as part of his Australian tour.

In this masterclass, Brian will give an overview of 24/7 Prayer’s story and approach, drawing on his experience in Ibiza, Spain to help Australian Christian leaders consider how prayer can be a key aspect of church life to encourage local mission and outreach. Brian holds a strong belief that prayer and mission must go hand-in-hand so come and be inspired for what might be heavenly possible in your context and community.



Road closures – Sunday 30 July

Due to the Run Melbourne event next Sunday morning, the following road closures will be in place, and some routes to the Cathedral will be affected.


Full road closure of the following from 4am to no later than 8.30am:

  • Full Closure North and South bound lanes Queens Bridge St from Flinders St to Power St/Whiteman St – local access between Power St and Southbank Boulevard.
  • Full Closure North and South bound from Clarendon St/Spencer St from Collins St to Whiteman St/ Normandy St – local access bw Normanby St and Southbank Boulevard.
  • Full Closure Collins St Harbour Esp to Navigation Drive.
  • Full Closure Harbour Esplanade from McCrae St to Collins St.
  • Full Closure bound lanes Batmans Hill Drive between Flinders and Collins St.
  • Full Closure Doepel Way from Caravel Lane to Docklands Drive. Local access to be maintained.

Partial closures of the following from 4am to no later than 9.00am:

  • North bound lanes of St Kilda Rd from Southbank Blvd to Flinders.
  • West bound lanes of Flinders St from Swanston St to Wurundjeri Way.
  • East bound lanes of Flinders St from Wurundjeri Way to Clarendon St.
  • West bound lanes of Collins St from Spencer St to Harbour Esp.
  • West bound lanes of Collins St Block and hold Harbour Esp to Navigation Drive.
  • East bound lanes McCrae St from Harbour Esplanade and Batmans Hill Drive .
  • North bound lanes Harbour Esplanade from McCrae St to Collins.
  • East and West bound lanes Batmans Hill Drive from Wurundjeri Way and Collins St.
  • West bound lanes Bourke St – junction with Harbour Esp Block and hold whilst runners are crossing.
  • West bound lanes Docklands Dr from Harbour Esplanade to Pearl River Esp.
  • North and South bound lanes St Mangos Lane – junction with Docklands Drive. Block and hold whilst runners are crossing.


Please note the following changes to traffic conditions on Sunday, 30 July between 4:00am – 12noon:

Full road closure of the following:

  • Linlithgow Avenue
  • Government House Drive
  • Anzac Avenue
  • Birdwood Avenue
  • Dallas Brooks Drive
  • Domain Road –Local access allowed from side streets heading west for local traffic only
  • Arnold Street – Local access allowed for local traffic only – held by marshals and walked out when safe
  • Bromby Street – Local access allowed for local traffic only – held by marshals and walked out when safe
  • Anderson Street – Local access allowed from side streets heading west for local traffic only
  • Alexandra Avenue, will be closed between Hoddle St and Swan Street Bridge
  • Alexandra Avenue, will be closed between Hoddle St and Morel Bridge-(local access permitted)
  • Batman Avenue, between Flinders Street and Olympic Boulevard (CityLink)
  • Jolimont Street, between Agnes Street and Jolimont Road
  • Jolimont Road between Jolimont Street and Wellington Parade
  • Wellington Parade South between Wellington Parade and Flinders Street (local traffic only)
  • Brunton Avenue (local traffic only)
  • Boathouse Drive (closed until 08:30am)

Partial closures of the following:

  • Westbound lanes of Flinders Street from Spring Street to Swanston Street
  • Westbound lanes of Flinders Street from Swanston Street to Queensbridge Street (closed until 08:15)
  • Southbound lane of Queensbridge Street from Flinders Street to Queensbridge Square (closed until 08:15)
  • Northbound centre lanes of St. Kilda Road from Flinders Street to Southbank Boulevard (closed until 08:15)
  • Northbound service lanes of St. Kilda Road from Flinders Street to Southbank Boulevard (closed until 08:15)
  • Southbound lanes of St Kilda Road from Flinders Street to Linlithgow Avenue
  • Southbound service lane of St Kilda Road from Princes Bridge to Toorak Rd
  • Northbound lanes of Domain Street, between Bromby Street and Domain Road

From 6am Saturday 29, July to 12:30pm Sunday 30, July St Kilda Road southbound service lane between Princes Bridge to Linlithgow Avenue will be closed.

There will be several entertainment zones around the event course that will include music which will be in operation from 7am to 12noon on Sunday 30, July. All music will be monitored and kept to below 72 decibels.

Road closure and event information can be confirmed by calling Sole Motive on (03) 9285 0600 or email: