Lunchtime Concert Series

Virtual Lunchtime Concerts

A series of lunchtime concerts was launched in April 2013 to encourage city workers and others to come into and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Cathedral during the day. 

These half hour recitals on Wednesdays at 1pm provide fine music and space for contemplation in the midst of a busy week. Admission is by donation.

Concerts will be occasionally broadcast on the Cathedral’s Facebook page and Youtube Channel, as well as being available here on the website. Please check the schedule for which concerts will be streamed.

Help keep the music going! With a downturn in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your support in exchange for these concerts is most welcome.

Upcoming Lunchtime Concerts

Join us for our upcoming Lunchtime Concerts! In preparation for attending, please read through our COVID-19 Information available here.

In 2022, our lunchtime concert series will return to 1pm Wednesdays

19 January • Rohan Iyer (tuba) and Berta Brozgul (piano)
This lunchtime concert features the world première of Hannah Comrie-Weston’s Sounding the Heights for solo tuba, sandwiched by sonatas for tuba and piano by Henry Eccles and Bruce Broughton.

26 January • No concert

Wed 2 February • Natan Fiedorowicz (piano)
This concert features some of Natan’s own compositions, centring around a new musical rendition of the prayer ‘Ave Maria’, performed with guest contralto, Emma Warburton. Natan’s music uses older musical languages in new ways, keeping true to his emotion and belief in objective meaning in both art and life itself.

Wed 9 February •

Michelle Francis Cook (soprano) and Roxanne Viggiano (piano)
International spinto soprano (Italy, Spain) Michelle Francis Cook will perform a recital of best-loved arias and inspirational sacred songs, accompanied by Roxanne Viggiano.

Supporting our artists

Whilst St Paul’s Cathedral is able to provide a venue, concert management, administrative support and advertising for our series of lunchtime concerts, we are not in a position to provide fees for artists – your donations provide these small gifts.  If we cannot provide artists with at least a token of our appreciation, we will not be able to attract artists to perform for us.  Rather than charge set prices for admission, we have decided to admit people by donation, so that those who could not otherwise afford to come are able to do so.  We suggest a minimum donation of $5 per person and thank you for your generosity in helping to keep our lunchtime recitals running

Interested in performing?

If you are a skilled musician, either Melbourne-based or visiting, you are welcome to apply to perform a lunchtime concert, by contacting the director of music, Philip Nicholls. As much notice as possible is beneficial, as the program is often filled six months in advance. We do not have an audience ‘on-tap’, and we are reliant upon performers to help build an audience, so audiences can range greatly in size depending on many factors, including the weather.

Previous ‘Virtual’ Lunchtime Concert

During the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2020, the Cathedral broadcasted regular Virtual Lunchtime Concerts in support of local and international artists and musicians. You can watch a selection of the previous Virtual Lunchtime Concerts here on Youtube.