Bible Study • Healing God’s Creation Series

Sermon & Study Series • Healing God’s Creation

Sermon Series: Sundays 4.00pm in May & June
Bible Study: Sundays at 11.45am in the Cathedral’s Education & Ministry Centre

The Creationtide Series in 2021 focussed on the challenges that God’s creation faces as a result of the way that humankind has treated the world in which we live.

This new series will take us into what is required for the earth to be healed. How can we as God’s children better care for his creation in the way that he intended, halting the deterioration that has occurred due to the actions of humankind and enabling healing and restoration of it. What is the attitude and action that God desires that will enable us to give him glory and care for his creation?

For this series, Canon Glenn Loughrey will create some artwork during each service to enable members of the congregation to engage visually as well as audibly with the readings and sermon.

There will be a Bible study series after the 10am services during May and June which pick up on this sermon series. To enhance the engagement of the members of the congregation attending the Bible studies, it would be helpful for them to hear the sermons. We do not livestream evensongs, however, we are planning on videoing the sermons in this series and they will be placed on YouTube.

Sunday 1 May • Creation
God created the world and saw that it was good. What does God’s creation tell us about God’s character, the sinfulness of mankind, and how to honour God?

Click here to re-watch the Revd Helen Dwyer’s Sermon
The readings were Ps 96, Job 12.7-10 and Romans 1.18-23

Sunday 8 May • Daily Bread
We are granted fullness of life, not excess. God provides for our daily needs. Our society individualistic, materialistic and consumerist society pushes for us to continually want more. How do we live according to our needs rather than our greedy worldly desires?

Click here to re-watch the Dean’s Sermon
The readings were Ps 65, Isaiah 65.17-25 and Matthew 6.9-13

Sunday 15 May • New Creation
What hope do we have? Is despair the only option? What does the resurrection mean for creation and the new creation? What is the context for our actions in the world today?

Click here to re-watch the Revd Kirsty Brown’s Sermon
The readings were Ps 126, Isaiah 43.13-21 and 1 Corinthians 15.20-28

Sunday 29 May • Reconciliation
It is through our reconciliation to God through Christ that the health of the earth is improved as we await the new creation. How should reconciliation with God impact our daily living?

The readings were Psalm 80, Isaiah 51.1-3 and 2 Corinthians 5.16-21

Sunday 12 June • The Trinity and Creation
God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, creates, saves, and sustains. What is the trinitarian response to climate change? How does God in relationship help us understand how to relate to our environment?

Click here to read Canon Dorothy Lee’s Sermon
The readings were Ps 147, Genesis 2.4b-24 and John 1.1-18

Sunday 19 June • Perfection
The whole earth groans with longing for the day when God’s glory returns. Come, Lord Jesus, come! How do we care for the groaning earth whilst we wait?

Click here to re-watch the Revd Canon Dr Rhys Bezzant
The readings were Ps 19, Ezekiel 43.1-12 and Revelation 22.1-5