St Paul’s Cathedral and COVID-19

Updated 21 March 2020, 3pm

We will suspend all public worship from 23 March

St Paul’s Cathedral will suspend all public worship from Monday, 23 March. For as long as feasible, we will livestream worship led by a team of ordained, lay and music ministers.

The following Sunday and weekday services will be live-streamed:

Sunday 10am Holy Eucharist with Kids’ Talk
Sunday 1pm Mandarin Eucharist
Monday to Saturday 12.15pm Holy Eucharist
Tuesday to Friday 5.10pm Evensong

We will suspend all visiting from 23 March

The Cathedral will be closed to the public from Monday 23 March in line with the national cabinet mandate on public gatherings.

We will continue to abide by and enforce all Government recommendations and mandates, and model good community practises until the end of the pandemic.


We are meeting and studying online

From Monday, 23 March, the Cathedral offices will be closed to members of the public. All meetings and study events including Lent Studies, Confirmation Classes and Bible Studies are offered as online meetings via Zoom (where participants are sent a link to access the group).

Ministry among at-risk cohorts, such as Seniors Group and our ESL Programs have already been suspended.


We have changed our Holy Week and Easter program

Our Holy Week and Easter services will be led by a team of ordained, lay and music ministers. The following services are planned to take place and be live-streamed.

We have cancelled the traditional Good Friday Performance of the Crucifixion by John Stainer, and our Easter Vigil Confirmation.


We will increase reaching out to isolated members

We may soon no longer be able to visit members at home or in hospital. Instead, clergy and members of our pastoral visiting team will be reaching out to members who are self-isolating, or are affected by COVID-19 by email, social media and phone.

If you are a regular congregant, please contact us with your prayer requests, and we will remember you and join you in prayer. Email:


We need to continue giving and supporting our ministry

Our offertories are directly related to our number of worshippers. Giving has already dropped to 50% of last year’s figures. Please help us out to continue deliver ministry and support Cathedral staff.

We encourage our worshippers – whether physically present or worshipping with us online – to continue supporting our ministry through regular online donations, or regular direct debit transfers.


We will work in teams on-site and off-site

From Monday, 23 March our teams will work both on-site and off-site. All external meetings will be conducted via Zoom. Read more about how the closure of the Cathedral office affects our work.


We are praying

We are praying for healthcare professionals, for doctors and nurses who are caring for the infected, and medical researchers as they seek to develop and test a vaccine.

We are praying for people at risk, and those who are fearful of infection. We are praying for those taking important strategic decisions for our nation and the world over. We are praying for those who are separated from loved ones because of quarantine or travel.

We are praying for peace of mind: that the peace of God which passes all understanding may be in our hearts, our homes and workplaces, our schools and colleges, our supermarkets and hospitals, our public transport and our airports at this time.

And we invite you to do the same. Share your prayers at

Lord Jesus Christ,
Great physician and healer of souls, now give us your peace:
protect those working with the sick and infected,
enable researchers and laboratory staff as they seek and test a cure,
grant swift and complete healing to those infected,
calm the hearts of those fearing the impact of the pandemic on their own lives,
give your wisdom to leaders of nations and organisations
as they make plans for the people in their care,
be present with all who are lonely and isolated,
comfort those who are dying and those who mourn loved ones.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit enable us
to know you, love you, and place our trust in you,
the God who heals and restores life, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.