Farewell to The Revd Canon Dr Jill Firth

After five years as an Assistant Priest at St Paul’s, The Revd Canon Dr Jill Firth will be moving from the pulpit to the pew to worship at her local parish church with her husband, Archdeacon Len Firth. She remains a full-time lecturer in Old Testament studies at Ridley Melbourne.

Dean Andreas said “We have very much appreciated having Jill as a member of our team, ministering faithfully among our 9am Family Service members and Bible Study programs. I am grateful that Jill was able to share with us in leading that congregation during a period of successful congregational growth. Jill – we thank you for preaching and presiding, and your teaching and community building!”

We have an opportunity to thank her for her ministry here at a special morning tea on Sunday 3 February after the 9am service.

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