Planning for a generous future

St Paul’s Cathedral has appointed a Director of Philanthropy. Canon Leigh Mackay, for more than ten years a member of the Cathedral Chapter, has joined the Cathedral team in a part time capacity to help raise much needed funds in support of the Cathedral’s Music Program, and to encourage friends and members of the Cathedral to remember St Paul’s in their wills.

Canon Mackay said: ‘I am delighted to start my new two days a week role as the Cathedral Director of Philanthropy; the next stage of my now ten year ministry as a Canon.  Our focus will be on the Music Foundation, with a goal to fully fund the Cathedral’s music ministry through tax deductable donations, and bequests’.

Leigh’s work will centre in the first place on raising the profile of the Cathedral’s Music Foundation in the wider community, by extending the number of donors who generously enable our musical life to flourish, and by identifying other philanthropic and business partners who would like to support the work of the Foundation.

St Paul’s Music Foundation is a tax deductible gift recipient and was established in 1993 to provide financial support for the Cathedral’s music program. It currently raises more than $120,000 a year in scholarships to gifted choristers at St Paul’s.

A second focus of Leigh’s work will be raising awareness about how to make a lasting gift to the Cathedral through bequests. St Paul’s much benefits from the gifts of past members and friends, who have remembered the Cathedral in their wills.

Canon Mackay is looking forward to the task ahead. She said: ‘Yes, my new role will be a challenge. But our Cathedral music is outstanding, especially now that we have a girls’ choir, and women’s voices. And I believe that St Paul’s is a well-loved mother church for all  Anglicans and an icon for the people of Melbourne.’

Dean of Melbourne, Dr Andreas Loewe, said: ‘I am delighted that Canon Leigh Mackay is joining our team to help create a culture of generosity and intentional giving for St Paul’s. Leigh will help us plan for a sustainable future, that looks beyond present needs to the tasks of the future.’

Canon Mackay has served as the pro-bono project manager for the recent renewal of the Cathedral Buildings, Dean Loewe explained. He said: ‘I have much enjoyed working with Leigh on a number of important Cathedral projects, and look forward to working with her in planning for the financial support of the ministry and outreach of the Cathedral in future generations’.

Canon Leigh Mackay can be contacted by emailing: