Walk for Justice for Refugees

Join members of the St Paul’s Cathedral community, and many other community members concerned for the welfare and safety of refugees this Palm Sunday at 2pm for a walk of witness through our city.

The Dean of Melbourne, Dr Andreas Loewe said: ‘I will be one of many walking for justice for refugees this Sunday. My faith tells me to welcome and caring for strangers. In the Biblical stories such a welcome is not only about providing food and shelter, but also involves advocacy on behalf of those seeking refuge. Again and again, God’s people are told to make sure that refugees are neither wronged nor oppressed, and given a fair hearing under the law.’

Dean Andreas added: ‘That is why many church leaders in Australia and I continue to advocate for fair-go for refugees. Together we ask the Federal Government to let those who are threatened with detention stay in our local communities, and to let more realistic numbers of those displaced by war and conflict come to Australia. And until that message is heard, our work of welcome and advocacy continues. I invite you to walk with us for justice, and to share in prayer and acts of service, to make refugees fully welcome in Australia’.

The Walk for Justice for Refugees commences at the State Library on Swanston Street on Palm Sunday 2016 at 2pm.



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