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Click here for details of our Q/A panel session for secondary school students, ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’ on Wednesday 15 August. Some preparatory material on Jesus as the ‘game changer’ can be found here.

Parish resources and Messy Church resources for Science Week are also available.



Exploring the interaction between science, religion and culture in Australia

 In a culture saturated with science and technology there is a widespread inclination to take science and technology as defining what is real. Relatedly there is a widespread view of an inherent conflict between science and religion.

  • Our aim is to explore the possibility of a constructive relationship between science and religion, relevant to people seeking a robust world-view that informs their living.
  • The exploration is open to a wide variety of religious traditions as well to agnostics and atheists.
  • This is an intersection of different disciplines, traditions, world-views.
  • At this intersection the Cathedral will of course present a range of Christian perspectives on whatever theme is being considered in Science Week for a given year. This will include our presenting science as part of God’s plan for human life in this universe.  We will do so in a respectful conversation with other traditions.
  • The Cathedral will present science very positively to young people as a continuing direction for study and for future career choices.
  • Since the arts have such an important place in religious practice our promoting a constructive relationship between science and religion involves also promoting a constructive relationship between science and the arts.

History of Science Week at The Cathedral

  • We began in 2009 celebrating the anniversary of Galileo’s use of the telescope and the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his On The Origin of Species.
  • We have had a service to begin Science Week, celebrating science, with a guest preacher.
  • We have covered many topics such as Climate change and guarding the integrity of creation, Neuroscience and Religion, If we find life on other planets what will this mean for human life and for Christianity?, What counts as a good life for the planet, for cities, for individuals?, A conversation with Transhumanism, Is Genetics the language of God?, Robotics, human enhancement, bioengineering and questions about being human.
  • For the last seven years during Science Week we have had a Q/A in the Cathedral for senior secondary school students before an eminent panel drawn from universities around Melbourne.
  • We promote science positively as a possible vocation for students.