Cathedral Bells toll to mark COVID deaths

The Cathedral’s Bells, which ring to mark significant moments in the life of our state and country, will toll from this Sunday to honour the thousands that have died in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to highlight the ongoing dangers presented by the virus.

Although we now live in a ‘COVID-normal’ environment, daily new cases and deaths from COVID-19 continue to remain high and many vulnerable groups still face the impact of the virus, through illness, job loss, isolation, and sadly death.

Each day, visitors and worshippers light candles at our COVID memorial inside the Cathedral, and we continue to hold in our prayers all who are affected by the virus and those who have died. 

The Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe, said 

“These days the Covid pandemic is restricted to the statistics of those who have been hospitalised, and those who have died. We at St Paul’s continue to pray for all affected by Covid, and those battling the disease. But we also wanted to acknowledge those who have died. Each number is a person, each person is loved by God, and grieved by their loved ones. Each week, before our bellringers invite the people of Melbourne to worship or prayer, the traditional ‘Passing Bell’, our Great Tenor Bell, is tolled as a sign of our respect for those who have died this week. As you hear the Passing Bell we invite you to pause with us, and remember those who have died of Covid”.

Dean Andreas Loewe

Beginning this week, the Great Tenor Bell will toll 33 times each Sunday morning from around 9.00am, prior to the traditional ringing before the Cathedral’s main Sunday service.