Sundays after Pentecost 2022 • Term Card

We’re pleased to release our Term Card for the Sundays after Pentecost – Celebrating the Scriptures. In it contains details of upcoming services, events, sermon & teaching series and other congregational activities taking place from July to September 2022.  

Term Highlights

  • Moorhouse Symposium ‘500 years of Martin Luther’s September Testament 1522’ (Sat 13 Aug)
  • First Nations Cultural Awareness Session (Sat 16 July)
  • 175th Ecumenical Anniversary Service (Sun 21 Aug)
  • ANZCO NextGen Organ Gala (Fri 2 Aug)

Read the Term Card below or download your copy here. Details are also listed online here.

Term: Sundays after Pentecost 2022

All information contained in this term card was correct at time of publication. Because of the ongoing pandemic, changes to the program may be necessary as dictated by any Covid measures. We therefore encourage you to check the Cathedral’s website or contact the Cathedral Office closer to the event for any updates or changes.