Important changes to ‘checking-in’ for services

Due to changes in State Government requirements from Sun 28th March, we will no longer be asking congregants to pre-book to attend services. Instead, visitors and worshippers will be asked to check in using a Victoria Government QR code to record their details. 

To prepare for this change we encourage you to download the Services Victoria application on to your phone or tablet device by following the instructions on this website: (best to open it on the phone or tablet you wish to download the application on).

You will then need to open this application to use the QR Code facility to check-in on arrival at the Cathedral, by pointing your camera at one these posters to scan the code. While we adjust to this new change, Cathedral Staff will be at the door to assist you. Paper registration will be available for those unable to use the QR Code facility, however we need the majority of people to use the QR Code to maintain our current density limits.

Our Holy Week and Easter services will be the last to use pre-booking, though attendees will be asked to check-in using the QR code when they arrive even if they have pre-booked. You can pre-book for these service using this link:


为准备此项更改,我们建议您按照以下网站上的说明将“维多利亚服务”应用程序下载到您的手机或平板电脑上最好在你希望下载的手机或平板电脑上打开它) 。然后,在你到达大座堂办理手续时,你可以使用QR Code 功能打开此应用程序。当我们适应这一新变化时,大座堂工作人员将在大门前为您提供帮助。那些无法使用QR Code功能的人可以进行纸质注册,但是我们需要大多数人使用QR Code来维持当前的密度限制。