‘Sky Light’ to shine on the Cathedral, creates Yarra light bridge

During the Melbourne Fringe Festival St Paul’s will be part of Sky Light, a public art installation connecting iconic city buildings. Created by by visual artist Robin Fox, the installation uses powerful laser beams to bridge buildings on either side of the Yarra.

Viewers are invited to walk on the river paths of the Yarra, and be led by the light beams, which will fade and reappear as they walk. Artist Robin Fox explained: ‘Invisible from certain angles yet striking from others, the work transforms with your perspective. Immerse yourself in the electronic composition designed to accompany you as you go’.

The work invites viewers to become pilgrims on a journey of light, with laser and sound connecting either side of the river. Robin Fox said: ‘Every half hour at one of our sound stations Fringe pilgrims will witness an extraordinary moment where laser and sound connect above the river. Sky Light is a vast light and sound experience will cause a radical perspective shift as we come together to look up, questioning our connection under a shared sky’.

Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 September, from dusk (around 6pm) until 11pm each night