Science Week in Parishes 2019

Relating Christianity to science is one of the biggest pastoral challenges we face as we seek to encourage the people of God in their faith.

Science Week in Parishes, which grew out of the Science Week at the Cathedral program, is one way of helping Christians to overcome misunderstandings about science and faith. In a very modest way, we hope to equip them for conversations with people who maintain “I believe in science, so I couldn’t be religious.”

Four ‘modules’ have been prepared for use by clergy and other ministers including lay people in local churches. We hope that you or a motivated parishioner might be able to use the modules to engage people about science, particularly in August when National Science Week occurs.

Module 1 – The Wonders of the GPS

Module 2 – The Melbourne Observatory

Module 3 – The Moon to Mars

Module 4 – About the Moon

Module 5 – Messy Church does Science Week