Baptism is a sacrament where God is at work, an outward and visible sign of the inward and invisible action in which God engages, as the person being baptised makes promises in the way that they seek to live and are then washed in the waters of baptism. This marks the beginning of a new relationship with God and the person who has been baptised.

You can read more about what baptism means for Christians here.

Find out about the Christian Faith

Wanting to know more about the Christian Faith ? St Paul’s Cathedral regularly runs courses for older children and adult enquirers to learn more about the Christian Faith, leading to baptism and confirmation. We also prepare individual parents and godparents of infants for the baptism of their children.

If you are interested in attending these sessions please contact the Cathedral Office via

Baptism Services at St Paul’s 

Our services of baptism this year are held on the following dates and times:

11th August, 2019 (afternoon)
1st September 2019 (6pm Service)
6th October, 2019 (afternoon)
24th November, 2019 (afternoon)

It is also possible to arrange a baptism during our 9:00am Family Eucharist on Sunday Mornings, this usually occurs once every couple of months.

If you wish to arrange a baptism, the first step in the process is to meet with one of the Clergy here at the Cathedral. To do so, please contact the Cathedral Office  at 9653 4210 or email

Please note that our Baptisms are held according to the rites of the Anglican Church. Baptisms at St Paul’s Cathedral are free of charge, however you are welcome to make a donation to the Cathedral.