St Paul’s Cathedral regularly runs courses for older children and adult enquirers to learn more about the Christian Faith, leading to baptism (admission to the Christian Faith) and confirmation (adult confession of the Christian Faith). We also prepare individual parents and godparents of infants for the baptism of their children at St Paul’s.

St Paul’s Cathedral has both a full immersion font, shown in our picture, and a font for dipping baptism candidates. You can read more about what baptism means for Christians here.

The enquirer course takes place on Sundays at 12.15pm, straight after the 10.30am Choral Eucharist. The course runs for about an hour every week on six successive Sundays, and leads to baptism and confirmation.

In order to enrol for our enquirer course, or to find out more about preparing for an infant baptism at St Paul’s Cathedral, please contact the Cathedral Office by emailing us at