Thy Kingdom Come 2020

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement which the Archbishop of Canterbury is inviting people around the world to join. The wave of prayer will start in May and run for 10 days between the Christian festivals of Ascension and Pentecost.

For the last three years in May, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York invited people to join a wave of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost. This is traditionally a time when the church focuses on prayer, just as the first disciples gathered after they had watched Jesus ascend into heaven, it says in Acts 1.14 “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus…” The response was overwhelming as hundreds of thousands joined in from churches of many denominations and different traditions around the UK and across the world.

Thy Kingdom Come Online Beacon Event
Sunday 24th May, 6pm

A digital Beacon Event will be streamed from St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne, on Sunday, 24 May, at 6pm with participants from churches across Melbourne and Geelong as well as other virtual activities. The Archbishop will be the preacher.

In praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ we all commit to playing our part in the renewal of the nations and the transformation of communities.


It’s not complicated – we’re simply asking people to pray in whatever way they want and with whoever they want for others to come to know Jesus Christ.

Prayer is the heartbeat of the Church. Asking God ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ in our time is a simple act that each of us can share. I believe that when we all share in intentional sustained prayer God will transform us, and the world we live in.


Our aims are:

  • For people to pray with God’s world-wide family from 21 May – 31 May: individually, as a family or as part of a church, and together as a diocesan family at an Online Beacon Event at St Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday, 24 May, 6pm (AEST)
  •  For people to be transformed through prayer by the Holy Spirit, finding new confidence to be witnesses for Jesus Christ

I encourage churches across our Diocese to share in praying for people to know and love Jesus Christ. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ provides simple, creative resources that each of us can share in – at home, in our parishes, schools and agencies. Join us in praying – in your places of ministry, and at the Beacon Event at St Paul’s, and be refreshed by the Holy Spirit.



In this section of the St Paul’s Cathedral website you can find resources. There also resources available on the Thy Kingdom Come Global website here.

Download the Thy Kingdom Come 2020 Prayer Journal.

Each day there is a passage from the Bible, a short reflection, a prayer, and a suggestion for action. There is also space each day for your own notes. Throughout the journal there are images to help you meditate on each daily theme and inspire you as you read through the passages and make your own notes.

Other Resources for you and your church

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