Covid-19 Pandemic: Important Information

Updated 20 April 2020

All public worship is offered online

You can join us from home for live-streamed worship led by a team of ordained, lay and music ministers.

Worship services comply with the current advice of the State and Commonwealth Governments and our Diocese. We are also prepared for the event that a total lockdown results in our inability to leave home.

This means that worship will not look quite the way you would expect it to if you were able to join us in the building.

We have closed the Cathedral and Cathedral offices.

St Paul’s Cathedral will close to members of the general public on Monday 23 March in line with the national cabinet mandate. From Monday, 23 March, the Cathedral offices will also be closed to members of the public, our teams will work both on-site and off-site and all external meetings will be conducted remotely.

Whilst we are closed, we are meeting and studying online

Join us for our gathering on Zoom,  a computer program which facilitates online video calls with multiple participants. You can also join by using your landline telephone. We have developed a ‘beginners guide’ to getting Zoom set up on your own device at home enclosed with this letter. We strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with this program. If you have any trouble following the guide, please reach out to the Cathedral Office. Joel and Andrew in the Cathedral Office would be delighted to help you become comfortable using the program and can talk you through some of the difficulties you may have.

Join us on Zoom for:

Sunday Morning Tea
9.15am – 9.45am 

Sunday Bible Study
11.15am – 12.15pm 

Thursday Mid-week Catchup
7.00pm – 8.30pm 

Links to join these programs will be sent in our Weekly Email

Ministry to isolated members

Our clergy and members of our pastoral visiting team are reaching out to members who are self-isolating, or are affected by COVID-19 by email, social media and phone.

‘Worship at Home’

We have a ‘Worship at Home’ page on our website which has lots of useful information including prayers resources, daily reflections and other ways aid your prayer and worship from home. Please share with those who you think would benefit from this, and let us know what resources you are using at this time.

If you haven’t already, sign up to our mailing list here: . We will soon be sending out regular emails with other resources, information and ways to keep connected with us and each other.

Giving and supporting our ministry

Without our Congregations and Visitors attending the Cathedral our offertories have decreased. In your support of our ministry, please donate via our website here:

We are praying

We all look forward to a return to normal patterns of life and a big celebration by all of us to say thank you to God for his faithfulness in time of this crisis.

In the meantime, we continue in prayer for you as part of our Cathedral community, and ask that you remember us also as we seek out ways to maintain our ministry, proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and to continue share in fellowship.

We are praying for healthcare professionals, for doctors and nurses who are caring for the infected, and medical researchers as they seek to develop and test a vaccine.

We are praying for people at risk, and those who are fearful of infection. We are praying for those taking important strategic decisions for our nation and the world over. We are praying for those who are separated from loved ones because of quarantine or travel.

We are praying for our Federal and State Government, for wisdom in their leadership, sensitivity to the needs of the community and clarity of communication. 

We are praying for peace of mind: that the peace of God which passes all understanding may be in our hearts, our homes and workplaces, our schools and colleges, our supermarkets and hospitals, our public transport and our airports at this time.

And we invite you to do the same. Share your prayers at

Lord Jesus Christ,
Great physician and healer of souls, now give us your peace:
protect those working with the sick and infected,
enable researchers and laboratory staff as they seek and test a cure,
grant swift and complete healing to those infected,
calm the hearts of those fearing the impact of the pandemic on their own lives,
give your wisdom to leaders of nations and organisations
as they make plans for the people in their care,
be present with all who are lonely and isolated,
comfort those who are dying and those who mourn loved ones.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit enable us
to know you, love you, and place our trust in you,
the God who heals and restores life, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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