Novel Coronavirus and the Celebration of Holy Communion / 新型冠状病毒与圣餐

In order to ensure the well-being of our congregations and staff, we are adopting the following practices at the Cathedral, in line with the recommendations of the Melbourne Diocesan Liturgical Committee based on World Health Organisation guidelines.

The Greeting of Peace

During the greeting of peace, clergy and people ought refrain from shaking hands and instead greet one another with the words ‘peace be with you’ (if desired with a smile and a wave).

The Common Cup

Before handling the elements and communion vessels, clergy and servers will wash their hands with an appropriate alcohol-based rub.

For the administration of Communion, the presiding minister (rather than the receiving communicant) personally intincts all wafers before placing them in the hands of communicants.

Disposal of Consecrated Wine

In celebrations where communion will continue to be administered by the president or assistant ministers intincting the bread and placing it in the hands of communicants, any left-over wine ought to be reverently disposed by pouring into consecrated (church) grounds, rather than be consumed.

In celebrations where the administration of Holy Communion will be restricted to the distribution of bread, the president should personally consume the wine as per usual practise.



  1. 平安礼


  1. 共用的杯



  1. 处置剩余的圣酒



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