Walk with Mary

The Walk with Mary has taken place in Melbourne on the nearest Sunday to the Feast of the Annunciation each year for 27 years. Apart from the first year, it has ended each time with a service at St Paul’s Cathedral. Although most of the several hundred participants are from the Roman Catholic Church a significant number of Anglicans are always involved and an Anglican Bishop shares with a Roman Catholic Bishop in leadership of the event.  In recent years, as well as being ecumenical, the event has developed a multicultural dimension with national and ethnic groups carrying their distinctive banners and images of the Virgin Mary.

The Walk seeks to honour the young girl who was chosen by God for a unique role of motherhood and who responded faithfully and bravely to this challenge to play such a vital role in God’s plan for the redemption of the world.

The full programme is as follows, but please feel free to join in at any stage:

2pm Prayers at St Patrick’s Cathedral

3pm Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Clergy attending may robe (purple stole).

4.15pm Procession leaves St Patrick’s and proceeds via Macarthur Place, Collins and Swanston Streets to St Paul’s Cathedral.

4.45pm Devotional Service at St Paul’s Cathedral to conclude the pilgrimage (ending around 5.30pm)Speaker: Bishop  Philip Huggins

Contact Revd Canon James Brady for more information: 9653 4304

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